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      I just got my latest copy of Hemming’s Sports and Exotic Car. There is a great article about “Tiger Hunting” and the writers remembrances of buying a Tiger from a guy in New York a few years ago-probably a TE/AE member! Also in my other favorite USA magazine- Classic Motorsports- the editor has purchased an early Tiger and will be rebuilding it and writing about it along the way. Fellow club member John Webber helped him decide to buy this car. It is always good to see Sunbeams in print!

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      We are both following the same articles! I like the variety in “Hemming’s Sports and Exotic Car”. Lots of interesting oddballs, like you and me.
      Btw I’m off to good old England this week. Hope to meet two or three Sunbeamers, just outside of London. A few more in Holland thereafter.

      What else did you add to your fleet?

      “Life is too short to own just one Sunbeam!” That’s why we both have more than one. However time I can use lots more of.
      From darn wet and cold New England,

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      Have a safe trip Robert! Will you be tracking down some more Venezia’s?
      I did buy another car this week-how did you know? A 1972 Honda Z-600 coupe-goes well with the Minis and the Berkeley….
      Hope the weather is better in the UK than you are having now. We have had a nice warm winter down South. Eric

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      While not a Tiger I got some ink in the latest Classic Motorsport for my SV V6 conversion! woooo hooo

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      While we are looking at Beam’s in print. Check out the latest issue of Hot Rod. Page 70 and 71 I think. This is David Leys clone of Doane Spencers and Darrel Brunns Tiger. It was at the Central PA BASH and United 24 in Harrisburg PA. Sharp car for sure.


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      Retro Cars printed in England did a article my car in the March of 05. The pictures were taken here in Albq.
      I will try and scan the article and pictures at work and print them out

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      Fast Tiger-

      If you are successful scanning the photos and article, please send them to me and I will try to incorporate them into the Rootes Review. I don’t know if scanning will lend itself to good enough quality to be reprinted

      Providing we can get permission for use of the article. If you took the photos then we’re set on those. If you have electronic versions of the photos you could send them no matter what.

      Fred Baum
      Editor, Rootes Review

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