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      Fellow members: I have, over the last 3 years, taken my Tiger inventory from 6 to 1 and have a variety of parts for sale…inc. 2 excellent original steering wheels w horn rings, 1 that needs some love, eye brow trim, rear hardtop trims, Mk1 convertible cover metals, door trims, glove box, original 260 exhaust manifolds, brit made radiator shroud, etc etc if you need something feel free to call or email David Hambrick 850-712-1200 dhambrick147@yahoo.como

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      Rick Guest

      Hi David:
      Tried to reach you by email but the one listed above came back as not a valid address. I’m interested in your steering wheels. How much are you asking? Also, when you say “door trims” do you mean the chrome strips for the outside of the doors? please contact me at Thanks.
      Rick Guest

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      I wanted to let everyone know I have made a reproduction of the spark plug Tommy Bar. This is made with the same materials, the same dimensions, functional detents, correct number in the correct location. $150 U.S. shipping included. There have been a number of happy Tiger owners that have included this in their tool roll. You can reach me at: Brian Nickels

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