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      i have seen two of these in probally the last 15 years or so,,one was in wisconsin about 10 years ago and the other was on ebay about a year ago..anyways my question is does anyone on here have any info on someone who owns one?

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      Eric ["Killer"] has one, an S7 Deluxe. I think that it is from shortly after WWII.
      If you click on "the Imp Barn" (in his signature) there is some motorcycle stuff there, too.

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      I’ve had the Deluxe about 2 years now. I’ve only been able to ride it a short while. It took me a better part of a year to rebuild the engine and get it back together. It keeps up with Carl Moon’s Harley, so that’s good enough for me.
      The best website for information on the Sunbeam S7 and S8 models is

      This page starts from when I got it and the entries journal my work on it.

      I’d like to find a Model 90 or other pre-war Sunbeam motorbike, but they’re exceedingly rare over here. I wrote an article last year for Rootes Review on the relationship of the S7 to the Imp. There are a few owners around my area. I met a guy at the Indian meet in the summer who has an S8 and some other folks in North America that have them. The postwar Sunbeam bikes were very advanced technically, but didn’t sell well since they lacked the performance that Triumph and BSA were offering at the time. The pre-war Sunbeam bikes are very highly regarded.

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      thanks for the info on these bikes,i myself i have a interest in british bikes{i have a late 60 triumph bike}.like i said though i was looking at sunbeam bikes and just kinda curious about them..and more so if they pop up for sale ever

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