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      Special TEAE member’s price for a complete replacement steering wheel hub assembly to fit all Sunbeam Tigers and Sunbeam Alpine Series 3, S4, and SV’s.
      These are made from Delrin-a very hard and machinable plastic and they will replace the cracked or poorly repaired steering wheel hub that you have to look at every time you drive your car. These are easy to install, won’t ever crack, and they are made in the USA.
      Photos are located here

      $335 which includes the shipping and insurance. Payment is by PayPal. Please P.M. me if from Canada or overseas for shipping rates or if you have any other questions.
      Thank you, Eric.

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      Dan Richardson

      I bought one of these steering kits AND installed in my Blue Boy V6.

      Beautiful piece of work by Eric & Al.

      The original had lost its shape due to the aging since my ’67 Alpine was new. I was so pleased by the appearance and improvement of the new steering wheel hub that I bought three additional ones for my other Alpines.

      Well worth the $$$ spent!

      DanR / Tiger2Dan

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        Greetings Eric,

        I believe I have tracked down your email information as well as contact information via our Forum. A bit challenging in navigation but I kept at it. As some of the other members have indicated in the past, I too am in the market of a steering wheel and hub for my 66M1A Tiger and would like to follow through with you as to how we can order one.

        my email address is

        Thanking you in advance….

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      Thanks for the kind words Dan! Al and I have sold quite a few of these over the last several years as they are easy to install and transform the look of the steering wheel-which you have to look at every time you drive your Sunbeam. Eric

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      Here is a photo of a new steering wheel with the hub repair kit installed.

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        Philip Pyren

        Are there any still available? Thanks, Phil

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      Hi Phil
      Yes I still have a few left!
      thank you

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      Happy New Year Eric,
      If you still have one left how do I go about getting it in my hands?
      John Farley

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      Thanks John-I just sent you an email with the details! Eric

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      Guy Stanoch

      Hi Eric,
      Am I too late to purchase a hub rebuild kit? Also, can you give me more information on the wood steering wheel relacement kit?

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      Hi Guy
      Yes we have a few left-in fact we are getting another batch made so we can take some to SUNI so we don’t run out of them before hand!
      I will send you an email with more details and also info about the newly made stock wood steering wheels.
      Thank you

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