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      I’m restoring a Mk II for some years now
      The steering column was very rough and after dismantling I found out that the lower bearing was very bad.
      I was able to dismantle the column of an Alpine IV, which has a very similar bearing on the top end, but not exactly the same

      Does anybody has some more info on how to reassemble the column (I haven’t dismantled the innercolumn telescopic bits : only the outer and the inner piece with the bearings)

      Also is the bottom end not with a circlip like in the manual but with two nuts and some washers etc. (Is this because of the MkII model)

      Can you give me more info on new or alternative bearings and what is the correct way of putting the bottom end together?

      I was even thinking of trying to find a roller bearing to fit in the outer column : any suggestions ??

      Thank you

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      I have searched for replacement bearings without much luck myself. Due to the limited space allowed and thin walls of the tube, I have had to polish the race cups and purchase new balls. Ball Bearings are cheap!
      The later ones did come with two nuts and a special slim spanner needs to be fabricated for their removal. 1 5/16″ A/F is a little too thick and a wee bit needs to be shaved off for the nuts removal.
      You will need access for a lathe for polishing the bearing races. A smooth finnish here helps to remove future friction. The cause of the problem is the heat from the exhaust manifolds/headers causing the grease to melt and drip dry. A good High temperature seal is required for a proper repair. Anybody found a good seal they modified for keeping the grease in?

      Rob Martel

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