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      It is shaping up that both the Sunbeam Alpine and the Sunbeam Tiger which were raced by Sports Car Forum (Columbus, OH) will be racing at Mid-Ohio in June. For more details:

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      BTW, it looks like there will be a really large turn out of Tigers as well as my Alpine on the track…

      I suspect we will see 3-4 Tigers on the track… who knows, maybe even an IMP.


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      Thanks for the info! Any chance a LeMans Tiger will show?? I have never seen one raced before. Eric

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      Mid-Ohio is getting closer… I hear that the Sports Car Forum Tiger is running pretty well. John Morton will be driving.

      The Alpine is doing fairly well – hopefully better once I get the fuel system sorted.

      Don’t forget about the Car Corral! So far we have over 30 cars registered!

      Steve Silverstein

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      A total of 6 Sunbeams are entered!!!

      Amazing, I thought we would never see that many racing.

      The Car Corral is filling quickly.


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      Steve, Looking forward to the BEAM crowd. This has to be the biggest Sunbeam race car extravaganza in the East for decades. Trust the Beamers will be cheering from the grand stands and showing support in the pits.


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      Yes, SVRA has 8 Sunbeams registered for the Vintage GP!

      See you there!!!!


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      More is better

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      😀 Late breaking news. ➡ There are now 11 Beams registered to run at Mid-Ohio the weekend of June 24-26. Barry Schonberger is the acting Rootes Competition Director for this meet. He will coordinate staging of Beam race cars in the BEAM paddock area. I understand there is a Beam corral set up for BEAM spectator cars but have yet to confirm.

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      We thought you should know about the following historic occasion and encourage you to show your support for these race teams by attending.

      At least eleven drivers plan to race Alpines and Tigers at the SVRA Mid-Ohio Vintage Grand-Prix race course on June 24 through 26. This promises to be the largest collection of Sunbeam racers participating at one event in the East coast for decades, maybe ever.

      Sports Car Forum’s original Alpine and Tiger will be racing. This is the first meeting of these two vehicles since racing in the 60’s. The SCF’s affable owner H.J. Meyer will be in attendance along with Drivers Don Sessler and Dan Carmichael. To celebrate this occasion at least nine other Alpine and Tigers will be racing.

      Barry Schonberger, the defacto Rootes Competition director for the week-end, is coordinating the “Rootes Compound” so all the race cars will be pitted as a group.

      Bob and Jean Webb will be the SUNBEAM ONLY car corral hosts. Sunbeams will
      get preferred parking. Park the family car in the back lot and walk. Drive a

      The following entrants plan to race this weekend.
      (Driver, State-car)
      Robert Black, MA – Tiger
      Curt Bowland, IL – Tiger
      Jim Dolan, PA – Tiger
      Gilbert Grable, VA – Tiger
      Geoff Byrd, VA – Tiger
      Don Sessler, OH – Tiger (SCF Tiger, Owner Buck Tripple)
      John Morton, CA – Tiger (SCF Tiger, Owner Buck Tripple)
      Dan Rosenthal, OH – Tiger
      Steve Silverstein, MA – Alpine (SCF Alpine, Owner, S. Silverstein)
      John Sybrandt, GA – Tiger
      Geoffrey Tedder, OH – Alpine

      Visit this site for additional Sunbeam info,

      Mid-Ohio directions, schedule and other info,

      Area Lodging, AND

      Contact Info,
      Doug Jennings, Tiger Auto 937-259-6800
      Tiger Tom Ehrhart 717-832-1116
      Bob and Jean Webb 740-947-4453

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      Ian I returned this evening after a great day at the Mid-Ohio “Vintage Grand Prix” track practice day. The Tedder Alpine race car that Ian & I built was there on making its first successful appearance on the race track. Geoff Tedder (owner & driver) made about 15 outstanding practice laps on the track around 10:00 am today. Geoff was VERY excited, let me tell you. The car ran perfect and Geoff said that he had to really “hold the car back” from getting too much speed until we can get some time on the new engine. The Sunbeam is the featured Marque because of the reunion of the two “Sports Car Forum’s” famous Sunbeams (#74 Alpine & #74 Tiger). If you can possibly make it to Mid-Ohio this weekend, please try to be there. There will be a one-of-a-kind Sunbeam parade lap for ALL Sunbeams driven there (race & street cars). Anyway here are some pictures:
      Ian getting the car ready for Tech Inspection

      And the two Sports Car Forum cars

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      The SVRA Mid-Ohio Vintage Grand Prix event is over and I can’t give enough thanks to everyone who helped make this possible. It was truly wonderful to see Don Sesslar, Dan Carmichael, H.J. Meyer, and many others who were involved with Sports Car Forum finally reunited. This was a really great weekend which I hope everyone enjoyed.

      I still can’t believe that Don was able to drive both the Tiger and the Alpine in qualifying races. It was also wonderful to see so many Tigers and Alpines on the track, too.
      Everyone drove really well including Jeff Tedder and Daniel Rosenthal – both rookies first time out. Excellent job!

      I enjoyed Claudia Tripple’s BBQ best of all and wish we had more time to spend with everyone. The SVRA went so far out of their way to make us feel welcome and did a wonderful job coordinating the event. I hope everyone made it home safely and I have posted some pictures to a Yahoo website. There are images Funbeam Chuck shot and a few that I shot. If anyone has any other photos they would like to contribute please e-mail them too me. I will post them immediately. … /my_photos

      You may have to cut and paste all to one line… At this link you should see three Albums two are from Mid-Ohio.

      Make sure you click on the blue line of text and not the photo itself.


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      Here are some more photos of Mid-Ohio Beam race week-end. These are of Tigers and other cars provided by Accessmotorsports Photo Gallery. … VRA&page=1

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      Nice photos of the event: … HOR-6DSQVW … HOR-6DSQV2

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      Steve, you picked the best shots. These are terrific.

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