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      Joey Hiykel

      hello everyone, i have a 66 sunbeam tiger all original.

      I have a problem with my speedo or something in the line. Here in OMAHA it gets cold during the winter and snows. Well before i put the tiger to rest for the winter, the speedo would work but not very well. It wouldnt register until it was above 40, and then would drop back down and up. and move all around. I figured well it was the speedo cable. So i got a new 1. So i installed that on a warm day during december. And took it for a short spin to get it warmed up. Well the speedo didnt work at all now. And it is in the back all the way and hooked up right and everything. I am stumped on what the problem is. I was going to check it again, (take it out from the tranny and speedo and install again.) I have had some people say that it was the speedo just being too cold, or the oil inside the speedo being to cold and not working. But last time i drove it, it was 55 degrees out. So please help me out here. Thanks in advanced.

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      Here’s what I’d do.
      1 Make sure the inner cable is long enough and not broken. When it’s seated in the driven gear it should stick about a quarter of an inch out of the speedo end. You can also pull the inner cable out of the housing to ensure it’s all in one piece.
      2 Make sure there’s no kinks in the cable run or spots where it might get pinched. That can cause erratic operation.
      3 Make sure the cable is operating. With the rear wheels off the ground and the fronts chocked unhook the cable from the speedo and see if it turns when the car is running and in gear. A piece of cardboard or heavy paper pushed onto the end of the inner cable will make it more apparent.
      4 If it isn’t turning make sure that the cable is fully seated in the transmission. If it is, remove it and check that the cable end is a snug fit in the gear on the transmission end of the cable.
      5 If it is turning check that the cable fits the square drive hole in the back of the speedo and can’t rotate in it. If it can either the speedo hole is worn out or the cable is the wrong size. Betting money would say that the cable is wrong.
      6 If all of this looks ok then it may be the speedo has failed. It’s a magnetic drive for the pointer, the odometer and trip meter are geared. If they are working while the pointer doesn’t, it’s the gauge.

      Good luck.

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      Joey Hiykel

      ok those are some good tips, but i know most of them.

      yes when i unhook the cable from the speedo it does turn. The cable is brand new from Sunbeam Specialties. And the odom. dosnt work.

      so now that you know the cable is new, you can eliminate most of those, but like i said, i will take the cable off and take inner cable out and check it. Maybe it is defective. Thanks for the reply.

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      I join your club, I am in the same situation. New cable, it turns.
      If memory serves me well my needle and counters are not working.
      Probably need a rebuild now. May be I have time next month to do just that? What is your next step?

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      Joey Hiykel

      next I plan on checking to see if the plastic gear is on right, and that it is in the hole far enough. Then taking the speedo out and making sure that the cable goes in the back right. then going for a drive. and seeing what happens. But i think i am going to do that this weekend, they say it is suppose to be around 50.
      then i will get back to you guys.

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      Joey: check that the cable is not slipping in the plastic gear drive. I recently had similar challenges with my Tiger. The speedometer was fine, the cable was new. When I pulled the plastic gear drive from the tranny and kept the cable from turning, the plastic gear would rotate.
      Turns out there was just enough resistance so that the cable did not rotate, consequently the speedo did not work.

      I replaced the plastic gear and all is well.

      from sunny, 50 degree South Dakota,


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