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      Curt, Just got home after a 13 hour drive from the United. I want to commend you and your team for putting on one great event. Never a dull moment as the saying goes. Thank you for putting in so much time and effort, so the rest of us could play with our toys.

      Jim D

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      I will second the motion! Curt and the United team-you really rolled out the red carpet for all of us. All of the events were excellent. Bonnie and I had a great time meeting all of our friends again. We just got home after a 10 hour drive in the Harrington-what a nice drive too!
      Thanks to all. Eric

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      Curt and your UNITED team,

      Many thanks for your great efforts, time and skill you all put into this United.
      Although without my car, I toroughly enjoyed myself. It was good to see so many Sunbeam friends again.
      Despite the cold morning, top down, I was blessed to drive shotgun in the very nice Tiger of Jim M. Almost frozen we made it to Augusta, KY.
      The concours at the "Mainstrasse" of Covington was a great setting. Also nice to have the general public get a taste of the Sunbeam flavor.
      To see the city, I used to live in, from the Ohio River at sunset was a new experience.
      Then driving in the Sunbeam Venezia, I used to own, with David and his son through many Cincinnati neighbourhoods was fun.
      Airline security had no problems with my Sunbeam parts filled luggage.

      All in all, another UNITED to be remembered for the Sunbeam experience and its people.

      Can not wait to plan for the 2007 Sunbeam UNITED in Florida.
      Let’s all keep on Sunbeaming !!!!!!!


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      Curt, It looks like all of the good stuff has already been used up, so I’ll just say; Thank you VERY much…………I sure had a GOOD time!

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