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      For those of us who did not make it to SUNI this year come join us at the 3rd annual British car show in Columbia, SC on Sept. 12th, 2009. … ssics_iii/
      Last year we had 8 Sunbeams at the show and I am sure we can double that number this year. We will be holding a SOS (Sunbeam Owners of the South) event in conjunction with the car show this year. A few Sunbeam drives, a picnic, swap meet, Sunbeam talk at the hospitality suite, do some planning for the Asheville Invasion in 2010, and other events too. Stay tuned! Eric

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      Ok guys and gals, You cannot say we have not talked this event up enough. We are only 10 weeks away so make you plans. The schedule below is subject to change.

      Tentative schedule for the SOS
      Dates for event September 11th – 13th, 2009
      Location is Columbia, South Carolina
      Host Motel is The Hampton Inn – Vista Location
      Web Site for Motel: … ndex.jhtml
      Registration Form for car show on Saturday: … ration.pdf

      Tentative agenda:

      September 11th, 2009
      Meet at the Hampton Inn – Vista location at 3:00pm
      At 3:30 PM Leave the Hampton Inn in a Sunbeam convoy to Lake Murray drive across the Saluda Shoals dam (Lake Murray dam) Then into the park area around 4:00pm.
      At 4:00pm we will have a professional photo shoot with the lake in the background. To have you and your car in the photo shoot is $10.00 per car.
      At 4:30 PM we leave the photo area and go 500 feet to the cookout shelter.
      From 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM we will have our cookout, parts swap and meeting on the planning of Invasion 2010.
      At 6:00 PM we will convoy about 8 miles to a local deli for our Ice Cream dessert.
      At 7:00 PM we will drive back to the Hampton Inn – Vista for the hospitality party that runs till 10:00 PM

      On September 12th, 2009
      The group will enjoy the all British car show – Carolina British Classics III at Weston Lake till 4:00 PM.
      Registration for the show starts at 8:30 AM through 12:00 noon.
      At 4:30 PM we will convoy to a BBQ restaurant in Elgin, SC for dinner together. This will be about a 20 mile convoy together.
      At 6:30 PM we will leave to go to Eric Gibeaut’s house to tour his collection of Sunbeams, Minis and other British memorabilia. This is only about 2 miles from the BBQ restaurant.
      After dinner we will convoy back to the Hampton Inn and enjoy some free time in the Vista where the party is always going on.

      On September 13th, 2009
      We have the hospitality room reserved for our group if we want to use it for something on Sunday morning – this is yet to be determined. We could use it as our breakfast area.

      Remember on the 12th at the car show there will be a class for Alpines and a class for Tigers. Heck we may have one for Harrington’s and one for Red Tigers! OK Tom, we may even have a class for Green Alpines! This show will have bag pipe playing, the local Oldies Radio station will be playing ole British music through-out the day. a silent auction to raise money for charities. Food vendors, wood steering wheel vendor, wooden dash vendor, and several other cool car vendors. If you register early you will receive a free t-shirt. All cars in the show will receive a free goody cooler full of stuff. With all of this said, the most important thing is we are going to raise money for two really important charities, a camp for kids with cancer called Kamp Kemo and the Juvenile Diabetes Association all while enjoy the fellowship of other Sunbeam enthusiasts!

      We hope to see you at this weekend of fun!


      Eric and Todd

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      As of today these are the cars that are coming:

      4 Tigers
      7 Alpines
      1 Harrington
      1 New Alpine

      We are about 8 weeks out! Please pre-register prior to August 15th so we can plan better for you.

      If you are coming, remember we are having a parts swap at the cookout. Please let someone know about that part you need and bring some parts to trade for it. It’s amazing all of the parts you can get in a shoebox and bring with you!


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      Hey Guys and Gals,
      We are down to 16 days left to pre-register for this event. We have 100% Alpines at this stage pre-registered and already more than we had last year. This will be a great event for the Sunbeams. Where are the Tigers? It’s not so much about pre-registering as it is about coming to a Sunbeam gahtering! By pre-registering I can sure plan alot better for the gathering and the show. I hope to see you there!


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      Todd, I need someone to drive the Tiger I am bring the Alpine but the wife dose not do 4speeds!!!!
      I can not belive there are no Tigers reg. yet!! Oh well the Alpine gets better gas milage, see you in Sept.

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      Hey George,

      I have heard that three Tigers are coming up from Florida and we always have one or two from the upstate. But, they have not registered as of today. If you get someone to bring the Tiger make sure they only charge you $5.00 at the non-registered tent since we have your registration for the Alpine. Let’s go TIGERS, we need you registered!


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      We are up to 11 Sunbeams so far for the show! Pre-registration deadline is next weekend and we now have 2 Tigers pre-registered. Come join us. Eric

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      The group of Sunbeams keeps growing for this event. If you have not made your decision to come please do so. We will have a good group of Sunbeams and lot to do. Please read the earlier post on this event. We may have over 20 Sunbeams here.


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      Ed E. (CoolCat) will be here too! I hope to hear more stories of his WWII Glider Pilot days.
      It’s not too late-fire up the Sunbeam and come join us for a great Sunbeam weekend! Eric

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      Ok Guys and Gals,
      We are less than a week away from a Sunbeam event in South Carolina. If you are going to make this event and can make the SOS event on Friday please let me know so I can prepare for you.


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      It was a grrrreat show! We had 18 Sunbeams with owners from Florida to Ohio driving to the SOS and show. Here are a few photos-see you next year! Eric

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      Looks like a great show, Eric.

      Now that I have the photos downloaded how about a short write-up about the event?

      Fred Baum

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