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      I just purchased a ’66 Series V Alpine (B395008497 OD LRX) from the original owner. The car has 66,435 miles on it… original paint and interior,etc. It is a real survivor that has been well cared for over the years.

      I plan on taking photos of various parts of the car to post here, mostly to get input on the car’s current condition and tips on its care and preservation / restoration.

      I first thought I’d ask about the tool kit, which appears to be the original but I’m not sure it is complete. I’ve attached a couple of photos.

      Do these appear to be the proper Series V tools? Am I missing one or more items? I was also wondering what the proper location of the tool kit is (to the left of the spare?).

      Any input would be appreciated!


      Bill Waite
      Grand Rapids, MI

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      Your tool kit looks great-the only thing I see missing is the feeler gauges and those are very hard to find (not that the other tools are easy to find….). I think a pair of pliers was included in the kit as well.
      The tool kit should mount vertically to the left of the spare tire, a cloth strap with a buckle on it held it in position. Is the strap still there? Many of those fell apart over the years. Please post photos of your car-we like one owner originals! Eric

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      Thanks a lot for your reply, Eric! Looks like I need to be on the look out for feeler gauges and some pliers? But… I can happily report that there is a strap in great condition to the left of the spare tire. So… now I know that the tool kit needs to be affixed by that strap.

      Thanks for your help.

      Can anyone post a photo of the original pliers and the original feeler gauges so I can see what I’m missing?



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