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      I don’t know if anyone is interested but I have a few more of these transfers. The vendor who made them the first time finally sent my negative back and included a few more.

      Only 3-4 sets…. I have been shipping two to each person that wants one.
      (just send me a PM)

      Here’s the process… BTW< This could all be done on the car but it would be more challenging.

      Clean and Polish plate. Use green scotch-brite to even out the sheen

      Tape corners of the badge down

      Tape corners of the graphic down. I noticed that the “When ordering” line was a bit too far to the left. So I rubbed down the lower text and then gently shifted the top line, “When ordering…” to the right.

      I used a mechanical pencil end to burnish the graphics down.

      I can’t emphasize enough to check to see if EVERYTHING is stuck down.
      If not, continue to rub. You will notice a slight color change when the text releases from the plastic. Also, if you do screw up and lift with a bit of text not transfered… you can always reposition the sheet and complete the process. Err.. just like I am about to do with the “T” in Talbot.

      Done with that.. now clear coat.

      Krylon Crystal clear – preferably the UV stable stuff. 6 -8 very light coats. Let dry for a few minutes between coats. PRACTICE spraying lightly before doing it.

      Done. It isn’t perfect but it sure makes a cruddy looking plate better.
      Caution should be used since these graphics can be scratched just like
      a silk screened plate. As mentioned, my other Series V has lasted for years.


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