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      For those of you who have not registered for the boat cruise yet the clock is ticking. We are well away from our committment so I will likely need to try and renegotiate the guarantee downward if we don’t get closer by the end of September. Then we run the risk of bumping people if they register late, similar to what happened at Alexandria Bay. I would like to avoid that and fill the deck up with just us. So, if you have not registered and plan to go on the cruise with us get your registration is right away.

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      A guaranteed number on the Riverboat cruise is due Monday October 2. We currently are sitting on 94 registrations. I will supply them the number that we have effective next Monday should it go up. After that date, all registrations that come for the riverboat cruise will be on hold pending the ability to add additional numbers.

      The same is of course true for cancellations. If anyone cancels after Monday, we will substitute a new person if there are any, in order to provide a refund if possible.

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