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      I have been a member off and on since 1982. Owned a 66 MkIA from 67 until 76 when it was totaled (still have some of the parts). Bought a 1965 MKI from Gordon Hollsinger (a club member I believe) in 1982. Been stored ever since and I now want to strip it of glass, drive train etc and send it off for a rotisserie restoration of body and frame (stripped down and repainted). I see in the vendors list Tiger Tom in Pa, Doug Jennings in Oh, Sunbeam Auto Restorations Vinton Va., and Scot Woerth in Pa as possible shops to consider. I am located between Fredericksburg and Culpepper Va. I would appreciate any recommendations or comments regarding any of these shops or any others. You can email if you prefer and you and your comments in that case will remain absolutely confidential. My email is

      Many thanks. Greg Smith

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      Bob and Jean Webb

        all that you mentioned are no longer in business.

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        I will watch this thread with interest…

        Club member Jeff Fralick works at Hilland Motor Cars in southeastern PA, they have built a nice "Alger" and done some pretty extensive work on a couple of Jeff’s Tigers. Wayne there at Hilland has been restoring "other cars" for a long time.
        It is basically a 2-man shop. Might be worth a call 610-399-oh-eight-nine-five.

        Ragtops and Roadsters in PA also indicated some Sunbeam experience when I spoke with them a while back:

        Ragtops & Roadsters

        Good luck with whatever route you decide to take…

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        Thanks to you both for your info. I am hoping to find someone a bit closer to me perhaps in central or northern Va but will travel farther if necessary. Anyone know of a shop near Fredericksburg Va perhaps?? Any and all recommendation however are appreciated. Greg

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        I found on the internet a company called Vintage Motor Car located in north eastern WVa about 2 hrs from me which apparently did a Tiger that won a major award from this club around 2006. Anyone have any experience with them? Greg

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        James Lindner


          Might I recommend AutoMotive Precision (aka AMP Restorations) up in Williamsport, MD. They have done a couple of Tigers including work on mine. Not a real fancy operation…they work out of a converted barn but the work is first class and I challenge you to find better value for your money. I was just up there today. See the following link


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          Thanks Jim. A great prospect you provided and not to far from the other shop in WV so I could load up the tiger and take to both on the same trip for an estimate! Thanks Greg

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          That sounds like a good plan Greg. Make sure you check with some of their Sunbeam owning customers to see if they were happy with the shop’s work! Eric

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