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      I have 2 series V, one I received from my parents when I returned from Desert Storm, now I am rebuilding it for when my son returns from Iraq, What I need is information on the Win-shield wipers, I get a power light from the unit with the light tester, but I still do not get any movement from the wipers. I am sure it is not binded up anywhere.

      I also need to replace the alternator, most Alpine part places want between 150-200 dollars, is there any regular alternators that would work that might be had at a normal car parts place?

      Any thoughts? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Tony

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      Make sure the ground wire from the wiper motor goes to a good clean ground connection or the wipers won’t work. Are all the connections on the back of the wiper switch? Have you tried to physically move the wiper blades while turning on the wiper switch? Hope this helps and thanks for your family’s military service! Eric

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      Hey, by any chance do you know Jim Snyder? He lived in Clarksville and
      had an Alpine or two.

      I still have his phone number, assuming he didn’t move, if your interested please send me a PM.

      BTW< Olson’s Old Car shop, in Nashville, restores British cars and JD is always very helpful. You might consider joining the British Car Club of Nashville, too.

      Boston, MA

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      Also, you might want to find a good Automotive electrical shop. I have had generators rebuilt for less than 100.00. In fact, I sometimes take two and I get a discount….

      I have to believe an Alternator rebuild would be about the same.


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