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      Looking for a good condition rear end chunk from a 1969-70 Alpine GT or Rapier looking for a 3.70 gear set. Thanks!

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      I have about 10 rear-ends of Series Alpines 4-5. If you can use one, let me know by pm. Robert

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      Do you have any that have the 3.70 gear like on the 69 and up Alpine -Rapier?

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      Hi George,
      All my rear-ends are of S2-4 Alpines. They are standing up, so the lower wheel can not rotate. Then I turned the upper wheel 1 revolution and checked the upper wheel, it turned twice, one turned even more, the others turned less then 2 revs. From this my guess it that most are 3.89 or 4.22. Not your 3.70?
      Does this make sense. Let me know If this sounds right, I would love to help you and get rid of all these parts. I hate scrapping all this. Robert

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      Sounds right the 3.89 are close but I would like a 3.70 to go with my 5 speed box I had one that I got from Roots spares in Holland but it was to loud and it seemed to get worse so I am running a 3.89 for now. Thanks for Looking. If you know anyone that has Alpine GTs the fast back cars they would have the 3.70 gear.

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