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      OK, another in a long series of questions for input-

      We are planning our rally and have several routes proposed. Key question is “How far will you Sunbeam folks go in a car on a rally?”

      We have a neat route proposed that follows the Ohio River from the hotel to a small town with some antique shops and restaurants. it would be about 50 miles. the option exists to take a small ferry across the river and come back on the other side.

      Another proposed route to the big wine district is further at 70 miles.

      There are of course shorter alternatives.

      We are wondering if these are too long and maybe we should look at something a little shorter. So- I am going to the well of information and seeking input. Please let me know. I’ll also include in a future newsletter since it seems only a handful of the faithful are reading this for now.


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      Good to see you are getting it together!
      In my opinion a rally of 50-60 miles is just about right. It also depends what you have going on before and after. Give it enough time with a possible lunch break somewhere. Then it is very enjoyable. Looped are always a great thing in rallies, when our see Sunbeams coming and gong in all directions.
      Our cars are for being driven, not trailered around!

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      Either the 50 mile or 70 mile would suit me. I know my wife and I would enjoy the wine district, especially if there was a restaurant that served the local wines with good food.

      Could either of these be looped?

      Fred Baum

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      I would think the 50 mile trek would work well.


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      All of your ideas sound great, driving along the river, lunch, a loop and a ferry. 50 to 70 miles is fine, but make sure that there is enough time allotted and no serious conflicting activity.

      John Logan Sr.

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      I agree with all the previous respondents that 50-70 mi. is about right. My experience is that a rally or tour should last 1:30 to 2:00 hrs of time.
      Wineries are very popular as an end to a rally.

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      The distance to the place I had mentioned is about 50 miles ONE WAY. Given the input so far, which I assume was basing the input on 50 – 70 total, our idea may be too far. It took my 1-1/2 to drive to the place stopping a couple times for pictures. If we started at 9:00 it would be probably 2:00 before people would be back. This would likely be Friday so that evening is open, although we are also pursuing a Dyno session at Paul’s Automotive for that afternoon if he is willing. may still work- we’ll keep talking so keep sending in thoughts. We have lots of time for this item now that we have some of the major items locked down.


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      I think the winery sounds like a good destination. As far as the distance, three or four hours total drive time is about enough.

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      Chuck & Wanda King


      Keep in mind that some of us will have driven our Sunbeams 8-10 hours the day before the rally just to get there. I think 3 hours total drive time should be the max. I love driving the Tiger, but for the person riding shotgun, it’s not as much fun. This is to be a good time, not an endurance test. What I think would be best is to block a 3-4 hour time slot for those who want to participate in the rally. Make sure there’s adequate time to kick back and relax, eat, go to the parts room, or whatever, before the next event begins. Be sure there’s enough time if some are slow to return or may have trouble on the way that others could help and not feel like they’re running from pillar to post. Time is the big factor, it always feels like we’re trying to pack too much into the time available. I feel that a nice fun course in the general vicinity is preferable than going too far from the flagpole.

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      I concur that a rally for the sake of rallying should be about 1 1/2 max. This is for two reasons. The fun attention span is no more than this. The second is that not everyone participates in the rally. So the rally is simply a point of time in the schedule which means their may be a need to accommodate those who do not participate in the rally.

      Another option is to make the rally a mandatory option for all. If you want a multi-hour rally, make it with a variety of stops with group activity that fills a large part of the day. For example, this summer I participated with group of about 30 cars and 60 people in a local 90 mile event where we stopped at three real neat venues. We traveled from Lewisburg, Bloomsburg, Scranton via Tunkhannock (remember that town). Left at 8AM, had group breakfast, lunch and many ate an early supper. The option of a “day tour/rally” can be done if you have venues that can handle the quantity of Beamers in small groups and the United schedule allows the time. All this is a stretch, but possible. Like Robert said, our cars were meant to be driven. The trailer queens are welcome to participate with their tow or support vehicles. I should also add that in large group tours I have participated in, that there were formal arrangements with a tow truck or rollback along with a designated service crew. In my opinion, this seem to promote greater participation in the tour.
      I have gone on several AACA old car tours, some just a day some for a week and this is a SOP for them. Maybe we should consider this approach by actually promoting it as part of the tour/rally advertising. Just a thought.

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