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      Tom and Pam Jeffers

      You can can now view the power point that we tried to show at the banquet. It is for the 2014 United.
      It can be viewed at


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      First, I’d like to applaud the choice of northern Michigan for the site of the next United! It will probably be the first time I’ll actually be able to drive my Tiger to a United (from Duluth, MN). I also very much like the September dates over the usual October timing (for family reasons not worth describing). But I thought it was convention to skip United’s during the SUNI years? From what I understand, a SUNI is being planned for Colorado Springs in late June 2014. This will put two large Sunbeam gatherings within 4 months of each other. I’d hate to miss either but can’t afford both in one year. I’m I missing something here?

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      Randy-the board of TE/AE voted last year to continue with our Uniteds during SUNI years for a number of reasons.
      Unlike the first SUNI which was a multi-club planned and organized event using many Rootes club’s inputs, help, and suggestions, SUNI has evolved into an event that is planned by one person with no input from attending club’s. Based on the last few SUNIs very few East Coast TE/AE club members attended due to a variety of reasons, long distance away being reason number one followed closely by the time of year. Thus we are forging ahead with a well planned United set for 2014 in Michigan. I know of a few members that will attend both events next year-about the same number who attended the last SUNI. And some folks are going to England next year for the Tiger 50-another event close in date to the SUNI event.
      There are lots of events to attend next year, it is great to have choices. Now let me go buy a lottery ticket so I can attend all three of them!

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