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      I know I’ve seen this tip but can’t remember where or the details of how to do it.

      I would like to use this as a tech tip in the Rootes Review. Any help would be appreciated.

      Fred Baum

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      Hi Fred
      I copied this from the Hillman list a few years ago.
      I have not tried it yet but it sounds easy enough! Eric

      "Remove fan belt, push down the cut out relay. If you don’t know which
      one that is push down each relay in the regulator box in turn. The one
      that makes the generator turn is the one. Give it about 30 seconds and
      release the relay. You may need to encourage it to come back up by
      lifting the armature with a little screwdriver. The armature is the bit
      you pushed down.

      Refit fan belt a start the engine. It now should charge away happily."

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      Thanks, Eric.


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      Forcing the cutout relay can risk exposing wiring to some rather extreme currents, not to mention messing with the precise settings of the delicate regulator. I generally replace the electromechanical regulator with a reliable solid state device anyway, so not an option for me.

      I recommend disconnecting both leads from the dynamo, and then use a jumper to briefly touch the Field lead (smaller one) to the hot lead of the battery. One good spark is usually all it takes. You don’t even have to loosen the V-belt.

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