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      Please help.
      I wanted to replace the spark plug wires on our Tiger – a simple project, right(?)
      I ordered a set of MSD [black] wires from JEGs. However, when I went to install them, I find 2 problems:
      1.) The straight "boots" at the plug end are quite long, and interfere with the firewall "grommet" and the steering column on the drivers side.
      2.) The wires are much longer than what was previously in place, and there is not enough space for the "loop" of extra wire.

      Is there a pre-made set that will work? (& who has them?)
      Should I have "right-angle" ends at the spark plugs?

      Any help would be appreciated.

      Mark Petri
      ’66 Mk 1A

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      I have a set of Accel wires that I cut to length and put the ends on myself. I even have a short piece left over from the coil wire.

      They are Accel Hi-Temp super stock copper core 8mm wires. I think I bought them at Auto-Zone. They are yellow in color with orange boots on the plugs and black on the distributor cap.

      It’s been a while since I did this and they do not look stock or period, but they have worked well for me. I don’t know if you can still get them this way.

      All my plug boots are straight on my 260 MKI.

      Fred Baum


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      I used Accel Hi-Temp 8mm wires and I ordered them from Advance. The application I ordered them for was 64 Fairlane 500.

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      Hi Mark,

      To make sure you get the correct length leads, take in your old set and match them up individually at your local auto store or send them the lengths you require. Right angle boots will also help and may even reduce the lengths of some of the leads. Bosch also make some good leads as well.

      Regards, Robin.

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      Jeff Nichols

        Order the spark plugs from National Parts Depot. They have the original markings and are the correct length. The cost is $45 a set. If you are looking to keep the engine compartment original, they have many parts.

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