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      Well, for those of you who couldn’t be here… I’ve posted a few photos to let you know how things are going. We’re having a lovely time at the Bolger Center. Joe has done a great job organizing.

      The Concours went really well. The venue was great, there was a live band, and we were very visible to to the general public as a marque. We were around 50 cars strong. I learned a lot about Tiger and Alpine chassis participating as a judge. (and my Authorized Rootes Service jumpsuit came in handy for inspection of the undersides of the show cars).

      We just got back from the BBQ, and I’m just about ready to doze off. Beer was not overlooked as a feature of the hospitality room.

      (Click on photo thumbnails for a closer view)

      Tomorrow… Autocross !

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      Thanks for posting the photos! I wish I could have been there……Eric

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      Yeah, we missed you too, Eric ! Hope you are feeling better.

      We just got back from the Autocross where we had a blast. There were several first-timers including Valerie, Gary Moss, and myself. I think we did pretty well for never racing before. Gary did really well and got a trophy. It was a pleasure to see the experienced Tiger handlers put their rubber to the road as well. Many thanks to the local club in Frederick where the event was held.

      This is wild. At the banquet they announced that Val and I had EXACTLY the same time down to a fraction of a second in our Imps. The thing is… she had me in the passenger seat on the best run. I didn’t have a passenger… so she and the red Imp should be faster. Good job Val!

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      Bob and Jean Webb

      when was the last time you saw a rapier,imps, venezia ,1953 alpine and a type D harrington all lined up together? quite a sight to behold !

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      Yeah, but don’t forget Bil Haley’s 59 Rapier is missing from that picture. We had quite the turn out of Rare Rootes. I sat in the back seat of Bil’s Rapier going to dinner one night. Just made me wonder when the last time that back seat had been sat in.

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      Jeff Francis

      Hey Jim, you sure are opening up the barn door for comments regarding what’s been going on in the back seat of Bil’s Rapier……………… You know, I would never say anything though…. 😳 (You guys said at the meeting to get this forum going!!!)) Jeff Francis – Tiger MK II – Virginia Beach, VA

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      Eric –
      Sometimes the extra weight can actually be an advantage due to better weight distribution.
      I recollect that Doug Jennings set a quicker time with yours truly as a passenger [vs no passenger] a few years back – in Ky I think.

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      Mark, you’re probably right about the added weight issue. Especially in an Imp. Keeping the front end down is important to handling. I might have considered keeping my spare tire under the bonnet, (since it is bolted down.) It may have helped with the wheel-lift I was experiencing on the last turn before the finish line timer.

      As for the back seats of the family Sunbeams… no they don’t get used too much. My car has barely enough room for people with legs in the back seat. It is nice to have the option though. Somehow I missed taking a good picture of Bil’s Rapier. I was really impressed with it. I’d never seen one close-up and it was really a good specimen.

      It was a glorious day… Val and her Red Imp in the reflection of Richard Fritz’s Alpine hubcap. Oh yes, the ’53 robin egg blue Alpine… the one car who was more cute than an Imp. Those skinny white-walls are just great aren’t they?

      Are TT and Sharkey judging cars or flowers in this picture?

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      Here is a photo of Bil’s Rapier as well as a shot of Russ and Tom’s original Tigers. I wish I could have been there! Eric

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      Eric –
      Carl Moon was telling me last evenning about your "wheel lift" at the last corner – wow – just like a Posche 911!!

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