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      Well we won’t have a concours on the ocean like last year but I am looking forward to this year’s United! See you there, Eric

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      And hopefully there won’t be a "red tide" like last year either!!

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      Wow-I forgot about the Red Tide. I was coughing like I had a sinus infection! I won’t miss all of the salt spray build-up on my car either…….Eric

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      I’m psyched… this will be my first United !

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      There may be 3 Imps there if you bring yours and Nick K. brings his!
      That is a nice website you have too. Eric

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      Um, Nick’s not coming 🙁 sad face
      … silly thing like his daughter getting married or something.

      Thanks… the website was fun to make… gotta do some updates soon.

      Anyway, who’s teaching me to autocross an Imp?
      (totally derailed your topic there…)
      I want to not do what my buddy Frank did. Frank was trying to be like the STIG… he didn’t break anything, but I think there’s only one wheel on the ground here.

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      I noticed beer wasn’t mentioned specifically on the United Schedule. Suppose it is a mistake? 😀 That’s what made the red tide feel Ok. But then it makes every United feel OK.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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