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      Please list any parts you would like to buy or will be bringing to sell at the United. This will allow buyers and sellers to have advance contact so that the parts you need are available. Remember this is just for parts at the United, any other parts should be listed in the For Sale category.

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      I am looking for the specification plate that is riveted to the bulkhead with four rivets. I believe the Series 3 & 4 are the same . Plate must be in excellent condition. Like new or NOS would be better. Help me finish my fresh restoration of a Series 3 GT.

      Thank you!

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      I bought a reproduction of one of these back in 2000 from, was it Tom(?), at the United that year. So there are reproductions around, check with Rick or Curt.


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      Thanks Stu!

      Unfortunately they are not available anymore. I checked with Curt and Rick. But if I had any other series Alpine or Tiger, they are available. If I don’t have bad luck I would have no luck at all!

      Best Regards,

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      If anyone plans to sell parts at the United please let me know how many tables you will need set up for you in the parts room. There is no charge for selling used parts for those who are registered but for those selling new parts there is a charge of $15. I will be bringing Sunbeam gauges, clocks, optional lights, turn signal switches, tail lights, chrome trim, hardtop parts, bumper parts, and many other parts as well. If you need any parts brought to the United for you just let me know! Thanks, Eric.

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      Hi Eric!

      I will need one table for used parts.

      Best Regards,

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      You got your table! So far 6 different folks are bringing parts for sale at the United. Probably the most vendors we have had PTT (Post Tiger Tom’s!) The more the merrier-we are encouraging everyone to bring items to swap or sell. Thanks, Eric

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      Is anyone interested in two comp radial T/A’s slightly used 205 50 15. If so I will bring them to the united. $50 for two

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      Make that one more vendor at the United! We are now up to seven vendors. Robert Jaarsma will be bringing a boot full of bits to sell…..Eric

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      Series IV parts for sale will bring to United if there is interest.

      Full wire harness – $100
      Solex 2bbl carb and manifold – $100
      Distributor with mecahical tach – $80

      Other parts might be available just ask.

      Leaving for United Thursday afternoon so hurry

      [email protected]

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      Series 1-5 parts for sale will bring to United if there is interest.

      Full wire harness Glove box& trim
      E-brake handles Beauty rings
      distributor caps door handles & ignition switch (keyed alike)
      S2 gauges Hood releases
      Brake parts Lots of other small parts

      Doors, hoods, trunk lids, gearboxes, and other stuff .
      May be possible to bring to the United if seriously interested.

      Leaving also Thursday afternoon so hurry !!

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