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      Ron and Cathy Stein

      I have a big stash of used (and some new) Tiger and Alpine parts, and can deliver your needs to the United in La Crosse. Some of this stuff has been in the family since the late 60’s. PM with requests and I’ll check the shed. Items like original LAT wheels, a decent hardtop, rear hardtop stainless trim, headlight rims, Tiger driveshaft, gauges, dashboards, lenses, books, manuals, seats, consoles, etc. Great prices, and you can save shipping….

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      Hi Ron
      There will be a large swap meet going on in the parts room all during the United so bring as many of your parts as you can!
      Have a safe trip.

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      I sent you a PM.

      Gerhard in Madison.

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      Ron and Cathy Stein

      Sent you a pm reply

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      I don’t know what a ‘PM’ is.
      Hopefully you will see this message.
      Anyway, I need a wiper motor assy for a Series V. I will be at La Crosse. If it doesn’t rain.
      Also need the heater hose fitting that threads into the water pump, and the other one that threads into the cylinder head.
      My name is David Swanger – please call or text me at 615-428-9267, thanx.

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      Welcome aboard, and good luck with the parts.

      "PM" is Private Message, sorta like email thru the forum… since only the sender and recipient can see it.
      You should get an email notification, and there is a spot at the top of the page (next to your user name) that indicates if you have any messages.
      You can send to any forum member using their user name.

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      Hi Ron,

      Tried to find you in the member list but failed.

      Would like to communicate about parts. Please contact me at Babadawv@gmail.com

      Sorry not to have seen this before the United; we could have spoken there.

      Congratulations on your award(s) at the Banquet. Seems you had a good time.


      David Kellogg
      781 424-9254

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