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      Thanks to Bill and to everyone who helped make this United a great one. Another United with NO RAIN and it is always good to see all of our friends. The British car show on Saturday was the best I have been to. The way the town of Norcross shut down all the roads downtown so we could park our British cars along the streets was unique. I heard there were 68 Sunbeams there that day and I even caught a glimpse of the Queen being driven about!

      Here are a few photos-I hope that others can add some more. Eric
      PS-next year’s United will be in Staunton, VA Sept 21-24 2017!


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      Wish I could have been there, had to be more fun than oncall support and testing software upgrades.

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      A few more photos….

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      We had so many Sunbeams at the show that we were on the "other side of the tracks" in our own private park with a covered picnic area and lots of room for Sunbeams. Several trains rumbled by with loud blasts of the horn during the show.

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      Bill’s Tiger made it to the United after many years of being away!

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      The great thing about TE/AE having their show in conjunction with another British car club is that you get to see some other interesting cars!

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      Thanks for posting the pix 🙂 … now I’m even more sad that we couldn’t make the trip 🙁
      Looks like a really nice venue and great variety of cool British cars.
      Glad to hear about the weather, too!

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      Any other pix from the rally, hospitality, autocross, or banquet?

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      There are a few videos here and concours results too.
      Also there will be a United article and photos in the next newsletter.

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      ^^^ Thanks Eric. I did not think to look there. The AutoCross looks like it was short and tight, yet the Alpines still didn’t "win" 😕
      The RR article will be great, but the pix are usually too small to see much.
      Great job by Clark on the videos 😀

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      Dan Richardson

      I had a great time (2nd year at Norcross) with my ’67 SV ST Commodore Blue V6 this year….

      Thoroughly enjoyed looking at all those Sunbeams. I of course looked at "other" cars BUT, There’s nothing like an Alpine. Except another one 😀

      I wanted to drive from home Greenwood, SC like I did last time. But, a brand new brake master cylinder failed (Wildwood) about 12 noon Friday. I scrambled around trying to get a fix. Had to reverted back to the original Stock. Had trouble bleeding the brakes Friday night as late as 10:00PM. Gave up! went to bed and was up about 5 AM. Trailer-ed the V6 to the United. I was disappointed that my brakes were not functioning well. Had to pump like crazy to stop. Used the hand brake and drug my feet.

      With all the effort I could muster to get the V6 ready for the UNITED 35 I was not able to make a good showing. First, my new "straight back headers did not arrive in time and I had to modify a set I had fab’d earlier. Developed an exhaust leak at the header flange which made the V6 sound like (awful)…..being bound & determined to attend I kept pressing on.

      I wanted very much to show & tell about my Conversion Components for the V6 in an Alpine. I had everything but the headers to show ( The set on the car were adequate for that purpose).

      Made a deal to sell a couple sets of my headers and one complete conversion.

      One Gent from the Atlanta Area wanted one of my battery boxes. One bought the Hood release rod assy that replaces the "wire" on the SV’s….

      Thanks goes to all that made this gathering possible and to the Great Sunbeamers’ that attended.



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