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      A couple of years ago, I had recieved a tech tip, regarding sealants for the manifolds, exaust and intake. It seems that either I was, A) dreaming or B) it is lost in never never land. 😕
      The information contained an item about cleaning the face of the engine near exaust and intake, then cleaning both header and intake manifold surfaces.. THEN appling , if I remember the Red Silicone, heat resistant type. To both surfaces, install with one gasket in between. Assemble, Let set over night and such.
      ??? ➡ Any one?

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      Hi Chuck,

      You can use any color high temperature sealant for the intake. Use it sparingly so it doesn’t ooze into the runners. Make sure the gasket has the coolant holes that the head and block have. Don’t use the cork serpentine end seals. Instead use lots of sealent on the ends to fill the space.
      John Logan

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      Hi Again Chuck,

      Use new gaskets on the exhaust manifolds without sealant.

      John Logan

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