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      Hi Tigers East/Alpines East Members:

      I was a member from approx 1966 to 1999. I sold my last Tiger in 1999, but kept a lot of old TE/AE bulletins, magazines, and Shelby American SAC newsletter. The time has come to down size and move . I would like to give the articles to someone who is interested in the cars. NO charge, but shipping would cost, pick up best. I’m in the Philadelphia area.
      Shame to put out for the recycle.
      Miss my Tigers.

      Dan Ritting

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      Dan –
      how much stuff/how many boxes do you have?
      I didn’t get into this until the mid-80s, thus have none of the older stuff… it sounds interesting 🙂 Let me know if no aggressive takers,
      I’m half-way between the Commodore Barry and Walt Whitman bridges on the Jersey side… Tiger is currently at Hilland Motor Cars (near Chads Ford).
      I also have 2 of our kids living in Philly.
      What are you near?
      Thanks, Mark

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      The literature has been passed on to Bill Miller, he lives in the Kennett Sq. area of Pennsylvania.
      A few Tigers have passed thru my hands over the years, listed are the Vin numbers:
      382001610 bought new 1967

      2000 I went to the dark side and purchased a Corvette, now on my second.

      Dan Ritting

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      ^^^ Cool – I just saw Bill a couple of weeks ago.
      Thanks for the update.

      I only consider it the "dark side" when the cars are black :mrgreen:

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