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      I have been using 20W50 in my 1600 engine for years, but I have just gotten a 1725 and was wondering if 20W50 is the stuff to use or should I use 10W40?



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      I use 20w/50 w oil. Your biggest concern is to make sure the oil you use has high levels of zinc in it. The only affordable oils I have found locally that still have zinc in it are Valvoline VR-1 racing oil and some Kendell GT-1 oils.

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      If you can locate a place to buy it, Brad Penn has a high zinc dialkyldithiophosphate content oil. (Previously a Kendall refinery in Bradford, PA.) I’m running Brad Penn in a few of my cars now.

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      Bob and Jean Webb

        shell rotella t 15/40 still has 1200 ppm of zinc . or you can go to your local auto parts and buy 4 oz bottles of zinc additive.

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