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      The Sunday AUTOMOBILES section referring to the 1960’s Get Smart TV series identifies the car driven by Don Adams as…drum roll…a Karmann Ghia!.Now I always thought it was a Sunbeam Tiger as it was in the 2008 movie revival.But could the Karman Ghia also have been featured? Or could,God Forbid, the cars be deemed identical by the Time’s author and by the public? Frank Mooney

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      The car was a Karman Ghia in latter episodes of the show. I don’t know exactly when the switch was made.

      Fred Baum

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      Thanks for the correction.I could have lost big dollars in a side bet convinced as I was that it had to be a Tiger!…but a 1960’s Karman Ghia!… which was a better looking machine than it was a performer with it’s VW underpowered rear engine. My brother had one in the 1990’s which vehicle by then was a bit rough in ride and appearance. Frank Mooney

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      Max also drove an Opel GT and in one episode a Shelby Mustang. The Tiger is the one most remembered.


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      I believe that a Tiger badged Alpine was used for the shots where a machine gun rises from the Bonnet/Hood. This was because mechanically it just wouldn’t fit in a Tiger.

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        Yes, all are correct. The Tiger was replaced by the VW and the Opel as the show’s sponsors changed. And one of the books, Bill Carroll’s maybe (?), has a photo of the Alpine with the machine gun sticking out of the hood.


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        The Shelby Mustang conv. belonged to the Chief.

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