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      I have done a few searches but have come up with nothing that seems to have given me help. So I apologize for asking something that may seem trivial to everyone. I have just entered into the Tiger world with the purchase of my first Tiger. It is a project car but that doesn’t scare me as I’ve done several of a varying makes and models. However, I’m a porsche guy, and this is my first experience with Sunbeams.
      I’m trying to find out if there is a spot to get information on the the “original” setup of a Tiger. Options, if there were any, color etc… The tiger I have just purchased has the following information… The trans tag reads HEH-E 016744 and is a top loader The tag on the engines valve cover has 6774-B19KC SO 2632 model C4PZ-6001-CF. The JAL tag # is 661797 and the vin tag# is B382001787 LRXFE the tag on the carb reads C4ZF-R. Color Code looks like 39.
      I have not picked the car up yet, so I will many more questions and answers when that happens. I think I am correct in that this car is originally Red with Black interior.

      I know this is a very open ended question…but any insight or information that can be determined by the information that I have given would be greatly appreciated and will start me off in the right direction.

      I look forward to the abundance of information that I will obtain from all of your knowledge and experience. Wish me luck.

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      Tigers United is probably a good starting place.
      Beyond that, just follow the links to various sites. The best way to learn about the cars is to go to events, hang out with the folks and check out their cars. There are lots of Tigers and Alpines here in Florida. The next event of any size in the South is at Road Atlanta at the end of April. If you find yourself in North Florida before then, give me a call or just stop by.

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      Another good site is Norman Miller’s site There is lots of great info here about what makes a Tiger a real Tiger! Bud said it best though-get to local events, join TE/AE and network with other owners to see and learn about your Tiger. Come join us at Road Atlanta this April-I hope we have over 50 Sunbeams there! Eric

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      thanks for the input guys. I’d love to go to Road Atlanta in April. Don’t think I’ll be ready though. But you never know. Right now I need to get the car and all the parts “home” so I can assess what is there and what is needed.
      Thanks. I’m sure I’ll be leaning on everyone here for help.

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      Welcome to the sunbeam world, like they say try and go to the events and join the clubs.
      I’ve owned one Porsche it was a 67, 912 had to buy one because my last name is Porsch, but when it came time to scale down I sold the Porsche and have kept the Tiger for about 36 years now. I don’t have the chance now to go to the events living here in New Mexico but still get to take the car to the drag races where it really surprise’s people to see a small car that used to have 13” tires on it go 10:60’s.
      Good Luck with the car and welcome

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      thanks Jerry. Still haven’t gotten it in the garage yet…hopefully this weekend. So the reality hasn’t quite settled in yet.

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      Mike Schreiner

      Jim, We talked on the phone , and you live close to me here in Jupiter. You are planning a visit here, remind me to show you the “Book of Norman” It has alot of the info you seek about your car.

      Mike Schreiner
      1966 Alpine v
      1967 Alpine v
      1966 Alger

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