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      I’ve been involved with Alpines since 1994 when i was 15 and dad bought a SIVGT. In 1997 i got my first Sunbeam, a SII which i have lovingly worked on, modified, rebuilt and sank all my time and money into.. well in December 2006 i saw an ad on this site for Jeff Fralicks Tiger, In January 2007 I bought it, and now (long overdue) on May 18 I finally took possesion of it.

      Here are a fewquick photos of it.. more to come.. Go to the tiger album

      Big thanks to Jeff Fralick, Jim Ellis for making this dream happen!

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      Nice photos….
      Now waiting for that first drive report!! Eric

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      Drive report:

      Well the first drive was about as scary as it could be. I went to the customs clearance armed with some jumper leads some petrol and the expectation to call a tow truck.. howevere the car kicked over after about 20 seconds. Brakes were ok, fluids were OK.. so lets drive this home.

      Now an unknown car, LHD, 345bhp and a wet day make for a very cautious ride home.. not to mention it sounding like a vintage race car as it has no mufflers and 2.5" pipes.

      Yesterday i got some time with the car, went for a few runs, in the dry its less scary.. it pulls cleanly from any revs in any gear like a train and i am yet to get it past 3000rpm. my first impressions are that the 3.07 rear while fun might be just a little quick for street use.. i seem to be on anybodys tail in a flash and gearing is relative to acceleration, i have a choice from 4th to first of: fast, faster, really fast and oh my!

      I need to get some mufflers, new brake light switch, orange indicator lenses, RHD dipped headlights.. then get registered! Oh … and join TEAE!

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      Thanks for the drive report! Isn’t a V-8 Sunbeam great fun?! Mine is mostly stock and only 160 some horsepower but I can get in plenty of trouble with it. Can only imagine 345 HP!! Have fun with your Tiger. Eric

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      WELCOME HERE!! I posted a note under the Tigers. Didn’t know how modified yours is. Anyhow drive careful and enjoy your Tiger. Besides the Venezias, I also have a Tiger, almost stock however.
      Thanks for letting me in on yoour secret a while back when it was just on the water.

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      some videos of the new toy:

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      so i have started a breeding program, got another tiger to come over and play. Perhaps i should try and breed the tiger with one of tmy alpines.. would i get a V6 alpine? … 2410aCOkHo … 2410DxhImk … 2410vRTMXh … 2410rfsEry

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