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      I joined because my dad has a 64 Tiger he pruchased in 1970 shortly after he got married. He removed the original 260 which had blown up and put in a 289 he had in his Fairlane at the time. I still hear stories about him building the transmission in the kitchen of my parents apartment. He used for autox and drag race (it ran a 13.8 on bias plys 175/70/13 and stock ex and stock manifolds at 101mph)it in the back in the 70’s in the Detroit Michigan area and in the Northern Virginia area also. The specs as far as I know are
      289 CID
      Forged Pistons
      Boss 302 oil pan
      Stock rebuilt rods
      Melling "3/4" race cam
      High volume melling oil pump
      Not sure on the heads
      Cobra R Model intake (bought new in 1970 for $40)
      Holley 650 with mechanical secondaries
      LAT headers
      All rotating parts balanced and blueprinted
      Ford Trasistorized ignition
      Rebuilt ford toploader
      1969 Ford F100 clutch and pressure plate
      This is about all I can remember about the specs he has told me over the years. Supossedly my dad took my mom for a ride in the car the day I was born. I have very fond memories of this car and unfortunatly it has not been driven in almost 8 years. Rust claimed the gas tanks and the clutch slave and master are goners, the radiator has finally deteriorated and leaked out coolant all over the garage floor. I would like to see this car back on the road and my dad driving it. I of course have been into cars ever since i was born but alas I am into German cars more specifically VW’s. I autox a 1976 Rabbit heavily modified. But all I can remember is riding in the tiger 8 years ago and being amazed that a V8 would turn 7500rpms and rev up like a crotchrocket. Well I hope to post some pictures of it in the future. I have decided to get it back on the road this summer and cruising around. Thanks Matt 🙂

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      Welcome to the club site! Sounds like another fast Tiger is out there waiting to be put back on the road. You will find answers to your questions here. Thanks for the history of your Dad’s car-hope that you get it up and running again soon. Eric

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