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      hello everyone my name is patrick,many of you may know my dad, david johnson..ive been involved with sunbeams for many years now,,my dad has had his for over 30 years at the fresh age of 31 now,and was just recently bought a tiger of my own,it is a mk.1 and my dads is a is no where near running but in a few years it might be..these cars have made some real strong bonds for my father and myself,,and if nothing else makes for some good small some may also know i was involved in a brutal accident with my fathers car about 7 years ago when the fulcrum pin snapped and lost control of the car..the pictures should show how bad it was..originaly we thought the car was totaled and went on a search for another tiger,,we couldnt find a worthy tiger so we bought a donor alpine for parts..with issues on how fix the car the project was turned over to myself about two years ago and im happy to say it is almost a complete car again and with much surprise i only had to use the front valence from the alpine donor..all body work and paint was done by myself in a tiny barn..well anyways i hope to see and meet most of you at a sunbeam meet this coming summer

      before the accident..

      after accident

      well after many hours of hammering and cursing and welding this is the end result before paint,and keep in mind only the front lower valence was used from the alpine donor..the color is changed up also now to bmw emola red,a little darker red than the stock carival red..well this is my intro,enjoy..

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      im not sure why the front of my pics got chopped off but im sure you guys get the idea,,sorry.

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      Welcome, Patrick.

      You’ve got a healthy project going there. We’ll be looking for you at events some day soon I hope. Keep your eyes on the Events section of the forum and the club calendar.
      I know from experience working on a car together is a great way to promote family bonding

      What color have you decided on?

      btw… if you are using photobucket to host pictures, there is an option for thumbnail and link. That way your very large photos (which don’t fit in the forum window) will be displayed in a smaller scale that fits and also have a link to the larger scale.

      like this..

      code :[url=][img][/img][/url]

      Photobucket will provide you this code automatically clickable thumbnail if you click SHARE "IMG for bulletin boards & forums".

      Ouch… that hurts.

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      thanks for the tips on photobucket,,my car knowledge is better than my computer
      i look forward to the summer for more events to bring the tiger 1a out too,,my target date is the first of may with that car.and to answer the color question it is getting painted emola red[bmw m3} mk1 tiger is very far from paint and for that matter being street worthy

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      Patrick, I just picked up on your efforts for the first time in this forum. I had no idea you guys had resurrected the Tiger. No question, when you do it yourself, it becomes part of the family…as if it wasn’t already. Guess you could say you resurrected your own family heirloom. I suspect you upgraded the fulcrum pins by now. I like the pie mags in red. Look forward to seeing you guys again. How’bout a trip to Maine United in 2010?

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      Patrick –
      Best of luck with BOTH of your projects.
      I remember your Dad well – with the very sharp car and the red LAT9 wheels – back from our early days in the club (mid-to-late 80s). He was always friendly and helpful to us "rookies". I seem to recall him attending many an event with a youthful son… I guess that maybe since 1986/87 things do change!
      We’ll look forward to seeing you again "soon". ๐Ÿ™‚

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      sorry to not check that people added more comments to this to tiger toms comment,yes we are rebuilding the tiger,the damage looked worse than it actually was so with time and effort we are able to bring it back to life,and yes we upgraded the fulcrum pins(we dont want another wreck).this car has always beem part of our family and with some luck will always will be..on a side note i remember as a kid riding in your "tow tiger"at some uniteds we went the time it was green with two orange strips,that was prob over 15-17 years ago..(i still have old pictures of it)..

      to mark1a,,yes my dad has been helpfull to anyone who was involved with sunbeams,being rookies to long time members it was all the same to him,to this day he is still like that and has helped many people in the area out with parts or i said we hope to have the tiger running within this year(i missed my target date)and looking just as good without red lat 9 though,,they are all polished now..also if you have lost contact with him i can pass on his email to you..

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