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      See following message about the wiring kit for Sunbeam Alpine, Tiger and Rapiers.

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      Hi all:

      I thought I’d give you an update on the wiring kits I helped develop and have for sale. To date I have sold nearly 30 units to Sunbeam Alpine & Tiger owners across the USA and Canada. Buyers include both Tiger and Alpine owners with several of them owning RHD cars. I have installed the wiring kit on Ol’ Blue, my ’67 Series V, as well as the ’66 Tiger I recently restored. I am presently working on a V6 conversion and will install the kit on that car as well.

      If you are restoring your Tiger or Alpine, or if you are working on a V6 conversion the wiring kit is a great upgrade that will improve safety and reliability. No more Lucas "why did my headlights go out?" questions and circuit chasing!

      Current pricing is shown on my webpage Shipping by USPS flat rate has proven to be quick and dependable.

      from sunny South Dakota

      Pete (Paul A on this forum)

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