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      Hello Group,

      I may be a newbie to this forum but been a Sunbeamer since 1982. I still own my first Alpine 1964 S4 car # 177 of the series 4’s. I have 13 1/2 Alpines and 2 Mk1 Tigers. We have restored a S1 Alpine (Sprout) and 1965 Mk1 Tiger (Miss Kitty). Mechanic by trade. Sunbeam Lover by choice.
      We have been to 3 of the five Suni’s missed #1 & 2. Always learning something new on Sunbeam Alpines And Tigers. Also have Singer cars a roadster and Gazelle convertible and estate wagon.
      Dave Green

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      Dave, you sure do have a diverse Rootes car collection.
      Welcome to the forum.

      What makes you love Sunbeams so much?

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      Welcome I’m just over here in Las Cruces, going your way at the end of may to a race in Phoneix.
      If there are any kind of meets over there might be interested to come over.

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      Boy, oh boy, would that be nice to some Singers, Gazelle and estate wagon at the Rootes United!
      Come on up to Maine, I know it is a long way, but very pretty and plenty of Beamers along the way to help out, if needed.

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