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      Hello,My name is Mark Duby and I have been interested in sunbeams for a long time.My dad had a tiger back in the 70s when I was a kid.In 2003 I bought my tiger 9471144 from a guy in KY.Last summer after 6 years I started working on it.With the help of Richard Dellinger"Dellingers auto 1315 Mount Rose Ave York PA 717-718-3700" we rebuilt the engine,new fuel lines,hoses,rebuilt the front end.It’s a fun car to drive but still needs lots of tlc

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      Hi, Mark

      Glad to have you on the forum. We’re practically neighbors, I’m up in Newberry. There are quite a few Sunbeam owners in the central PA area. (Most notably TEAE Club president and Treasurer both live in York.)

      So you’ve got a roadworthy Tiger after 6 years of planning? That must be exciting. We’ll have to meet up sometime.

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      Hi Eric,good to hear from you.Glad to know there are other sunbeam owners im my area.My tiger is very road worthy but not PA inpected yet.Its’ not the geatest looking machine in the world but its very sound .I have pictures of my car on facebook just search Mark Duby.This winter I plan on getting some rust repair done and body work prep.I dont have the money for paint this year.We should get together sometime.

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