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      Howdy all:

      As I am getting used to my Tiger and formulating numerous questions, I’d love to get some visual guides. Specifically, are there any Tiger 1 owners who are willing to take some good photos of their dashboards, and also to identify all of the switches (some of mine work, and some don’t, so I haven’t gotten it all sorted out)? I would really appreciate it!

      Thanks so much in advance.

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      Mike Schreiner

        I have recently been installing a Alpine Dash…and have some pictures I can send…also C.A.T. club in california sella laminated sheet that is a drawing and diagram of dash wireing…very helpful…check there club website to see if it is still avilable…Mike

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        The problem with C.A.T.’s parts is that you have to be a member to buy anything. Maybe you can locate a member willing to help you by buying the diagram for you.

        Fred Baum

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        Mike Schreiner

          I have the CAT sheet..I could xerox it and mail it to him….he needs to email me direct so I can send dash pictures…

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