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      On July 10th there is an Antique Car Show that is part of the Hillsboro Balloon Fest. Is there any interest in a get together at my house and than a caravan to the show? It’s a big event (the balloons) in this area and each year is a growing attraction in central NH. The festival is a great family event with booths, rides, a parade, etc and of course the Hot Air Balloons. See the web site for greater details (

      Although the car show is not exceptional large, maybe around 150 vehicles, it would offer a mid-summer get together if the NE weather ever cooperates.

      I contacted Stu Brennan (NE TE/AE Regional Rep) and he agreed that we try it as part of NE TE/AE event.

      Hillsboro is about 25 miles west of Concord ( If you think this might interest you contact me.


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      This looks like fun, but unfortunately it collides with our vacation plans. Be sure so send some reminders to the New England gang (Use the addresses I used for British Car Day), and the Tiger and Alpine email lists, the week before.

      Have fun,

      Stu Brennan

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