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      Well, the rear axle is ready to be installed. It turns out a PO had a 4.10 gear installed and a very nice Power-Loc limited slip. Due to the type of Power-Loc carrier, I could not use it for the 3.07 gear I wanted to install. I replaced it with a AuburnGear unit and a 3.07 ring and pinion. Looking forward to cruising at highways speeds not screaming down the road.

      Common knowledge to some of you – Some lessons learned about my Tigers rear. It has two piece axle shafts that are 19 spline. 19 spine is not common, 30 spline is, and was used on 60’s – 70’s vehicles. This makes finding a limited slip a challenge. The two piece axle shafts require a "floater" in the rear diff which also limits LS units. The pinion gear has a coarse spline that the yoke bolts too. I had to replace the yoke with a spicer unit that has fine splines otherwise you will not be able to find a 3.07 gear. My drive shaft rear U-Joint will just bolt to the spicer yoke which is nice.

      So my quick easy and cheap gear change cost almost 4X what I thought it would. Ahhhhhhhhh….Tiger ownership is great ๐Ÿ˜‰

      A footnote – I also replaced a rear brake cylinder which I got from SS. I found that the two slots that the parking brake lever swivels in were way two small and required quite a bit of opening with a rotary tool for the brake lever to seat properly. Anyone else find this issue?

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      ah, i’m looking forwards to the delight of fitting my LSD and rear disc brakes this winter after the clutch is finished. i think i’ve already bought everything i need which should mean the extra that i’m bound to end up spending isn’t too uncomfortable…

      i plan on keeping the 2.88. there’s plenty of power and i value the higher speed cruising.

      did you have much trouble shimming the bearing play?

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