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      Some great pictures of Steve Silverstein and his Alpine can be seen at the following site:

      Pictures from the Hill climb at Mt. Washington, Gorham, NH are at:

      Looks great Steve! You are a real crusader for the Marque.

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      Thanks for posting this link. I wondered how they made out, since I saw lots of rain as I was heading south from Squam Lake on Saturday. Looks like they did get a little wet.

      You should put this on the Tiger and Alpine email lists too.


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      There has been a tremendous amount of racing the last month or so! Mid-Ohio then Mt. Washington….

      Mt. Washington was really a good event with the exception of the rain on Saturday… I had a really good second run on Saturday. I think only Jim Donick in his Cadilac Powered Allard did better (that must have been one scary run in the wet)

      Sunday I had a good time, a 5:13, which not as fast as last year but the road was still very wet on the lower sections even later in the morning when the second runs occured.


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