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      Dan Richardson

      For Sale: Mount brackets & spacers for Rear calipers and rotors

      My designed Mount brackets, spacers and hardware are for installation of calipers and rotors to rear of Alpines and Tigers.

      The individual components recommended for converting an Alpine rear drum brake system to a more modern Disc/Caliper/Rotor system are from a 1992 Saturn SC rear wheel setup and other interchangeable year/model components available.

      The designed Brackets and Spacers will fit the bolt holes in the flange on the Stock rear axle housing and are interchangeable for either right or left sides. The Alpine E-Brake system will function correctly if the Saturn lever is replaced with the lever I designed.

      CARDONE 18B4524 and 18B4525 Remanufactured Unloaded Calipers w/Brackets Left and Right Rears with metal pistons. Estimated cost $60 each

      CENTRIC 50007140 PQ PRO; w/Shims and Hardware. Premium Pads, Rear Disc Brakes. Estimate Cost $24 – $26. A set is for both sides.

      CENTRIC 12062037 Rotor rear disc brakes. Estimate cost $20 each.

      The kit sells for $120.00 + Shipping consist of:
      BRACKETS Axle Housing to Caliper OEM Bracket,
      Quantity 2 each
      SPACERS Axle to Housing 1/4″ Quantity 2 each
      SPACERS Axle to Housing 1/8″ Quantity 2 each
      SPACERS Axle to Housing 1/16″ Quantity 2 each
      LEVER E-Brake replacements for Saturn stock lever
      Quantity 1 RH & 1 LH
      BOLTS ¼ – 20 w/nuts and washers,
      Quantity 6 each
      BOLTS 10 mm 1.5 x 25 12.9 for Axle Housing Bracket to Caliper OEM Bracket Quantity 4 each

      NOTE: If you want rotors modified (4 bolt Sunbeam pattern drilled) as part of your kit, there is an additional cost of $100 to cover: rotors, labor, and shipping (lower 48). If you decide to DIY, make sure you also get the Saturn OEM mount bracket because it is need for mounting to the KIT Axle Housing Bracket.

      At this time my caliper mount brackets are available only for the specific wheels I have test fitted on my Alpines as follows:
      1. Stock wire 13 inch. 2. Center Line 14×6 inch, and 3. PanaSport 15×7” wheels.
      A spacer can be utilized between the hub and wheel in some cases such as the Mags I run on Blue Boy (15×7). Longer studs may be required in some cases, depending on the thickness of the spacer(s). I have not yet completed the Stock Steel wheel 13”application. I want to ensure total safety and performance before offering. Let the Buyer beware….. I stand behind my laser cut brackets and spacers.

      Direct your questions to
      Love them Sunbeams

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      Dan Richardson

      Here is a link to my PDF that covers details on the Rear Disc Conversion for the Sunbeam:

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