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      Hi, I read the Chuck King/ TigerTom article a few times and did see they had little cooling difference with the sidevents in the innerfenders/fenders. Does anybody know if the LAT hood really will help cooling? If so, anybody done any measurements?

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      Nobody who has mounted a LAT hood and knows if there was an improvement in cooling? ❓

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      Jeff Nichols

      Well, more ventalation in the engine compartment can’t hurt and can only help.

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      Effective cooling is all about getting the air to flow through the radiator. The LAT hood may change the differential pressure between the front of the car and the engine compartment. Raising the air pressure slightly in the engine compartment would be detrimental, since the fan would have to work even harder to maintain the proper flow through the radiator. I think some experimentation may be in order.

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      quote ImpBarn:

      Effective cooling is all about getting the air to flow through the radiator. I think some experimentation may be in order.

      So all we need to answer the OP’s question is for someone to install a pressure sensor fore and aft of the radiator (or put a manometer in the cockpit) and then make a run with and without LAT hood, noting pressure drop versus speed, yeah?

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      Unless you’re a stinky feet purist with respect to concours the work TT and Chuck King did several years ago pretty much solved the Tiger overheat problem. At least it did for me, going from 215 running temp to 190-195 by blocking horn holes, smaller water pump pulley, flex fan and cleaning the radiator.

      Fred Baum

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      Thanks for the input guys, Im thinking of mounting a scoop for air directly over the carb and seal it for only cold air to enter, the have two reversed smaller scoops where the LAT triangles were for ventilation if that helps. I really agree thet the cooling article answers it all, exept for no test of the LAT hood. I have no room for a mechanical fan, so I have to rely on twin electrics.

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      Try This


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      Here’s what we did to seal the LAT hood scoop to the carb on our Tiger.
      Can’t really say if it made any difference in cooling or performance – just liked the look of it.


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      I really never liked the LAT hoods, we made a mold to make a hood with a scoop to clear the F4B manifold, but in the end didn’t like that either
      reformed the bottom plate on a KN filter and got the stock hood to fit with out mods to the hood the side vents I reckon will do the job as far as getting flow thru the engine compartment. (and to per eric were using a single 16" Derale fan in fromt of the rad) were hard pressed to raise the temps above the thermostat but then thats another story.

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