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      All Tigers East/ Alpines East members and guests are invited to join the Sunbeam Alpine Owners of America as we have a joint “Polar Bear” gathering near Columbia, South Carolina on December 10th. Meet headquarters will be at:

      International Car Restoration
      754 Kirkland Circle
      Elgin, SC 29045
      803 438 6626

      This is at the White Pond Road/Elgin exit #87 off of interstate I-20. Mapquest it or email me for directions or my phone number.

      Dec 10th, starting around 8 AM and lasting all day. Rain or shine.

      Play cars- what else. Should be fun, the local S.C.A.T. fellows have some nice Sunbeams to look at and there will be a French Alpine on hand I know you have never seen one of those in person. We will deep fry a few turkeys for lunch and just sit around and talk cars and maybe spin a few wrenches. Later on we’ll take a nice backroad drive around a nearby lake with some great twisty roads!
      Your Sunbeam is put away for the winter? Come anyway-there will be plenty of cars to look at and you can hitch a ride with someone. There are lots of antique shops in a nearby town for those who want to do something else. Several hotels are nearby as well. It will be a fun day! Please let me know if you are coming so no one goes hungry. Eric

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      Hey guys, I plan on coming over to join in on the “talk story” gang. I should be there around 9:00ish and will have to leave right after lunch. But, you can count on now having two Series III Alpines there. Look forward to seeing the gang.


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      A little more than one week to go for our first Sunbeam Polar Bear run!
      Please let me know if you are coming so we can plan for lunch and other surprises. Fix that Sunbeam heater and come for a end of year drive with other Sunbeams here in the sunny South. Thanks, Eric

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      It’s snowing up here and freezing. How are we supposed to think about car shows?

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      Yeah we are suffering too was only 60 today but we are just going to tuff it out and hope it warms up a little by next weekend so we can all go topless on the 10th!

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      Bad news Jim-looks like it will only be about 55 degrees out and sunny blue skys. Not even cold enough to need a heater-good thing as my car does not have one. No snow or frost forecast-guess that is why I moved here from Ohio a long time ago. See you this Saturday! Eric

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      Yeah winter was the reason I moved south from Ohio myself! Man was it nice out yestarday here in SC 70 and sunny woo hoo!!! took the hard top off and went for a drive.

      So 55 is the extended forcast? well with any luck the weather men are wrong like usual and it will be even warmer!

      Looking forward to Saturday see you all then!

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      Unless something happens, I plan to be there. Unfortunately, the Sunbeam will not.

      It was beautiful yesterday in Jacksonville yesterday. Someone told me there was a cruise-in on the other side of the river. I took a “quick” break from being domestic and took a run over there. Turned out to be a full blown car show. As I made the turn onto the street in front of the show, a guy jumped out in front of me and waived me into the lot. I hung around for a couple of hours and headed back home to resume my husbandly duties. My wife had been shopping and never missed me.

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      Hey Talk Story Guys,

      I’ll be there Saturday morning, but will arrive around 11:00am. Daughter has a basketball game at 9:00am and that always bumps daddy’s schedule around! Call me if you get set up and need me to bring anything that we are missing. cell 397-5556


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