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      I note from the March 2005 Rootes Review referance to the original Ken Miles Ian Garard Tiger/Alpine having been sold at the February Boca Raton auction.I was there on Saturday February 12.The original first prototype Tiger was sold at the final bid of $47,500 but there was a buyers or sellers add on auction charge.The beautiful maroon car was a definite 1[at least to my eyes].However,to my surprize it was a four speed automatic…!Iassume the challenge was to see if the engine would fit but why not with a Ford manual?It was also in a finned Alpine body possibly a Series 3?It would be wonderful if the new owner were to attend an event this year.I didn’t get a name[i mustn’t have been firing on all cylinders].I didn’t see any other Tigers/Alpines being offered…but I was there for only one day.The venue was The Boca Raton Polo Club but I didn’t bid on any ponies… or classic cars.The garage overfloweth.I bought my first Series 1 Alpine in October 1960 trading it in 1965 for a Series 5 which I still have along with A Tiger II purchased in 1996…frank mooney

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      I see now that this prototype is for sale again in Florida for around $75,000! Wonder who the next lucky owner will be? Hope the car can stay in the South and we get to see it sometime….Eric

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      Thanks for sharing

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