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      Is there a group number for this hotel that they are asking about when registering online and is it under a special group rate? Is everyone pretty much staying here? Bev

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      Just about everyone stays at the host hotel as lots of Sunbeam talk takes place right in the parking lot- sometimes into the wee hours. I am not sure about the group rate thing when doing the reservation online-hopefully someone else will respond to that. If you call on the phone they will have a block of rooms listed under Tigers East/ Alpines East for that time period. Eric

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      Thanks Eric It just send something about group # so I wasn’t sure. Thanks Hope to see you. Bev

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      If you look at the United registration form in the Rootes Review you will see the code they are looking for.

      It is: TE/AE United, Block Code 810CAR

      their toll free number is also listed there.

      Hope you can make it.

      Fred Baum
      Editor, the Rootes Review


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      Fred Thank you so much for the info. I am trying to get things lined up so I can go. Hopefully my alpine will be ready willing and able. She just came back from Ohio…so she needs a rest. Beverly

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