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      Due to the high interest shown in the early registrations, I have booked space for 50 people in the Stube Hall at the Hofbrauhaus. We may have to cap this event depending on how long they can hold space. As you can imagine this is a popular place and holding big spaces without a commitment is a bit of a problem.

      This will be the “pay your own way” dinner. If more than 50 people express interest we will try to get more space, or we will inform people in the order registered who can go with the group. Others are free to try to get into the main hall on their own.

      Here is their brochure:

      You can take off the part after “com” to just go to their website.


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      If it helps, count me in for three people.


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      Great- make sure you note that on the registration. That is how we are going to track the first 50 to sign up in case we get in an overbook situation

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      The Hofbrauhaus is tapping into a new seasonal beer this Wednesday in anticipation of Octoberfest. I will go sample it to make sure this is still a good place to go for dinner. if you never hear from me again I am still sampling.

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      Thursday dinner- I called today to let the Hofbrauhaus know we could have 75 people. They are concerned since I am running this dinner as a pay your own. I had not intended, and it is likely too late to change, to run this as a pay up front and the club cover type dinner. they are ok but say that service will be shaky with 75 people ordering on their own and paying. Dinners could come at different times and not be lightening quick. Buyer beware. I will post a warning at the hospitality room so people know that we are a big crowd going into a restaurant at one time.

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      To alleviate the service problem we were likely going to have with a big crowd on pay your own, I have changed the venue for the Hofbrauhaus. I have now guaranteed 50 places on my credit card and will pay the bill. Everyone will then need to pay me that night for the dinner. We have selected a combo buffet with three sides. Cost will be $15.25 / person including tax and gratuity. Dinner includes soda and coffee. Beer will still be pay on your own. Because we now have to guarantee a number I will close registration for this about a week ahead of time and keep the names in order. Substitutions will be made if someone drops out or doesn’t show as necessary.

      To make this work it will be very helpful if people bring cash or check since there will not be a way to handle credit cards.

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      Sounds like a plan. Are you sure $15.25 per is enough?


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      That amount will cover the basic food and soda. Beer is extra and people can buy their own. I’ll have the contract in hand shortly to confirm. Food was $12.00 plus tax and tip. Not high class- this is a beer joint serving lots of beer and some schnitzel and wurst to wash it down. No dessert included either. Just like Munich : )

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      Final lowdown on the dinner- For the $15.25 / person, including tax and gratuity, we will have a buffet of different wursts (brat, metts, etc) and chicken. Then there are three sides including mashed potatoes, sauerkraut, and vegetable medley. soda and coffee included. You can pick what you want from the buffet. For the vegetarians in the crowd you can load up on the sides or they will find a veggie burger for you.

      They have other stuff like salads, desserts and such that you can order on your own. I am trying to keep the unit cost down for those who just want to get a cheap meal after driving into Cinci. As mentioned beer will be on your own. I recommend the light lager for those of you who like American style beer, the premium lager for a little more body and you can go all the way to their dark beer. All are good. You can buy by the pint or the Oh My God size. Easy bus ride or walk back to the hotel. It’s only 1.6 miles from the hotel. Pick up the car the next day if it is still there : )

      I was down there last Wednesday trying the new seasonal beer. I think I may have to go back to try again. I can’t remember if I like it. I do remember I liked the potato pancakes.

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      Hi Curt
      What time will we be heading there for dinner? We will be on the road all that day and I want to make sure we get there in time! Thanks, Eric

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      We will leave the hotel at 6:30 for a 7:00 start. It is going to be crowded so I may head over a little sooner.

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