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      Hello all,
      For all my life I have always heard my Uncle talk about his Sunbeam Tiger. This "TIGER" was something I thought of as a myth or ledgend since I never once saw it.

      I grew up knowing this was my uncles second Tiger, purchased new to drive around on campus while attending Penn State and also because his father my grandfather said he would never buy one. After driving the car for about 6-7 years in college he put it into storage, where it stayed for last 39 years.

      Fast forward to the present….

      This last weekend my Grandmother (uncles mom) whom I have been very close to while growing up has passed away. During this trip there I again question my uncle about his Sunbeam Tiger, and the plans for it if any. He informs he that its currently had it moved to his house and out of storage. Tells me the outside is perfect.. flawless not a bit of rust. However the interior and engine bay is completely gone from the high heat it saw while stored at a TX storage facility and wants to give it to me.

      Needless to say I am extremely excited to be able to restore this Tiger, however after digging some I am left with Questions even my uncle can’t answer. My uncles says he was the first and only owner. Purchasing the car new from the dealer as a 1967 car, and it was blue when he got it. The car is also registered as a 1967 Rootes Roadster while the vin number shows it was built in 1965 as the first mark 1A.

      I only have these pictures he sent me and they aren’t the best, but will have to do till I can pick up the car over Labor day.

      I will be sure once I have the car to document and take more pictures, but was hoping you guys could maybe shed some light on it all.

      Thanks for taking the time to read my "Introduction" I am sure you will see alot more of me in the future

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      Welcome to the fold. You are a fortunate fellow to have a close family. Sorry to hear about your Gradmother, I know how I felt when I lost mine.

      You have a very worthy project ahead of you, and been entrusted with a great honor. There are lots of old brains around here to pick for tricks and tips. You’ll thank yourself years from now when you make the decision to restore the car correctly today. Maybe one of the first things you want to do is before starting restoration is have a TAC (Tiger Authentication Certificate) done on the car. It will give you documentation of what you have started with, and the TAC inspectors always like seeing original cars!

      Safe travels over Labor Day.

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      Ron & Linda Jones

        Hi Doug,
        Seconding Erics welcome. Not an expert on these Sunbeams and I have an Alpine, but my understanding is that these cars were registered in the yr they were sold not the yr they were built. From this info, it’s quite possible your Tiger was built in ’65 but not sold until ’67 and registered then.
        Good luck w/restoration and hope you don’t have to cut up another Alpine for body parts.

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