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      I am originally a MG man. I have owned a 1962 MG midget, 1968 and 1973 MGB. The 1973 I bought new and have just finished the restoration. I am currently in the sorting out period on the 73 B. The 62 and 68, my mother wrecked both of them. The 62 before I even turned 16! Needless to say, she has only driven the 73 with me in the car.

      Back in the early 1980’s while in Houston, TX, I bought a 1966 MK 1A on a wild hare – just saw the car, not really sure what it was, but wanted it. I was $800 short of the purchase price, so put what I did have down on the car and told the owner to keep the title and if I could not come up with the last $800 in two months, he could keep the money and I would give back the car. Well I came up with the dollars and still have the car today.

      My German Shepherd and I, plus an array of lady friends, took the tiger to Galveston almost every weekend. Texas was wide open in the 80’s, with the oil boom and I worked for Tenneco Oil in Supply and Distribution. Installed CAT club headers with the 3 bolt cutouts, dragged raced on the beach to live bands at night and the sweet sound of the ‘Tigers’ uncapped song, the wild red paint job on the car – well you can guess the rest. Older now…. and have started the 66 restoration.

      The local BATS (British Automotive Touring Society) club pulled me off the street a year or so ago as we were driving by in a lady friends BMW convertible – my spouse of 24.5 years having died of cancer a few years back. They were having a British car event, chili and beer, at our ‘friendly dictator’s’ house – the unofficial leader of the group, invited us in to meet, drink etc and have been hanging out with them ever since. The club has $10 in the ‘jar’ treasury – you are fined $1 if you show up at an event with the top up. Fun!

      Our ‘friendly dictator’ takes on projects in his basement shop, having done quite a few cars. I, our ‘friendly dictator’ and a 10 year body man started the restoration just before Christmas. Other than the car, the only thing taken over to his house was a case of beer – just for motivation, you understand.

      Anyway, a new adventure, joined Tiger’s East and here we are. I hope to meet and talk with many of you in the near future. Please be patient, make many ‘detailed’ recommendations/suggestions, offer your advice and knowledge to help me keep my goal – driver with restoration done with as many correct parts as possible, colour of bolts/engine/covers, accessories etc.

      Joel Martin

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      Welcome to the club!!

      Place ads in the newsletter and here on line for parts you need. I’m sure there is someone in our 543 member group that can help you out.

      Fred Baum
      Editor, the Rootes [i]Review[/i]

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      Sounds like you have got a colorful local group. That what car clubs are all about …. well after the cars.

      TEAE members are full of good tribal knowledge. We’re a big fun family bunch. Hope to meet you at an event someday. Welcome on board.

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