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      Duke Samouce

      On the road at 4 AM this morning. Followed by 820 miles with 13.5 hours of driving. I am in Akron, OH and get two hours of TV before I hit the sack and get up at 3:30 AM to be on the road at 4 AM again.

      The Tiger ran perfect (knock on wood), overall got 18.5 MPG traveling between 65-74 MPH. Three legs it got over 19 MPG. This is thanks to a carb change, getting the vacuum advance to work, pumping up the tires and a few other tricks. Before I was getting 13-15 MPG.

      Tomorrow….Rockland, ME or BUST!

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      Bob and Jean Webb

      it was raining when we left harrisburg this a.m., quit raining somewhere in new jersey. we got in to conn and hit rain again. and now we’re north of boston and it’s still raining! i hope it quits!

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      we’re near Boston this morning. Yesterday was a whole day of rain. it’s supposed to let up a little this morning, but could still rain the closer we get to Maine today. They’re calling for a 40% chance of showers. The cars are filthy, but no issues.

      Friday promises for good weather.

      drive safe everyone. see you all in Maine

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      Duke Samouce

      I’M here!

      Pulled in at ~6 PM. The last 60 miles up HWY 1 was brutal.

      Have some things to do and then I am heading to the hospitality room.

      Tonight I am in a hotel up the road, tomarrow will be inthe Samoset.

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      Hope you made it back all the way with the sunshine we had yesterday! A gorgeous fall day with lots of leaf colors we had on our way home.
      For the ones who stayed home: Duke you drove 1627 miles to get to Rockland (+ lots of Motrin) and won the LONG DISTANCE AWARD. A nice competition because several drovelong distances like, 1482, 1474, 1230, 1200 and 1050 miles.
      We really hope you found it worth while, glad you got that mosquito out of your primary jet. Did it pass throough the fuel fileter ar the air fiter? One wil never know.
      Anyhow let us know how the trip back home wnet.
      Great to have met you, and admiring your courage. An inspiration!

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