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      I got an email about the 1st event of 2014 at the Simeone Foundation Museum in Philly on January 11: Simeone Automotive Museum | One of the greatest collections of racing sports cars in the world.
      Here is the text of the email:
      "Join us on Saturday, January 11th at Noon for our first event of 2014: a Racing Legends profile of the Ford GT40. We’ll have both our Mk.II and Mk. IV on display. Weather permitting, we will take one (or both!) out for a run after the presentation.
      Plus we will have Shelby American Automobile Club Historian Greg Kolasa here to provide an in-depth discussion about these ground-breaking cars and the story of how they came about.

      Admission… included with regular museum admission: $12 adults; $10 senior; $8 students; children 8 and under are admitted free.
      This Racing Legends Day is part of a significantly expanded schedule of events here at the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum in 2014. We will be announcing the full schedule very shortly.
      We hope to see all of you at this event. And, we wish you and your family a very Happy New Year."

      The Museum did not initially realize who had a birthday on 1/11, just coincidence – Ol’ Shel’ woulda turned 91.
      The GT40s are incredible machines. The Mk IV is basically a 427-powered time capsule after its 1967 LeMans outing, complete with 2x4V and the "bundle of snakes" headers.
      Hope to see you there!

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      Greg put on a great overall review of the history of the GT40s, there was a nice crowd on-hand. While it was too rainy to run the cars outside, Kevin (Museum Curator) did fire them both up for a short burst – just enough to get the sounds & smells ๐Ÿ™‚
      Great to see the Calverts there along with a few folks I know from SAAC.
      Here are a couple of photos from Andrew Taylor (taken from the Museum’s flickr page, there are plenty more good ones on there).

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      I actually just learned about this museum on an episode of "What’s My Car Worth" and coincidentally was going to Philly to meet with some friends a few days later.

      Left work a couple hours early and met a friend at the museum and were blown away by the collection.

      Unfortunately the Daytona Cobra —THE car I was most excited to see—was in Washington on this day (Jan 31).

      There’s a very cool app you can download that gives you the "tour" on your phone. I also grabbed an Events Calendar — apparently there are a lot
      of very cool days coming up in the spring. They have a large area of the parking lot where they also drive the cars now and again….the nice guy working
      the desk said that every car in the museum runs…pretty impressive.

      I highly recommend checking this place out to anyone who may be in the area.

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      Oh, yeah – The monthly "Demonstration Days" are when the cars go out to play on that 3-acre back lot ๐Ÿ˜€
      I guess I’ve always been a V8 fan, and the museum collection has plenty of those.
      Try to imagine the sound of the 4-carb hemi with race cam and basically headers to the side pipes on the Cunningham (for example)… that is what you can see, hear, and smell once a month. The schedule of events is on the Museum’s website: … gends-days

      See you there!

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      Yeah…I am definitely going to be checking out a few of the Demo Days….. what a rush it must be to experience that.

      and I agree 100% on the V-8…..nothing sounds better imo.

      If you see someone there with a Tiger it may be me…. assuming she’s back on the road as planned!

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      Here are my first ever attempts at YouTube.
      The Cunningham, in my opinion, may be the best-sounding car in the Museum. I also have a special love for the Allard as it was the arguably the first of the Anglo-American V8 "hybrids"… leading directly to the Cobra and the Tiger.
      The C4R has the aforementioned Hemi with 4 carbs, the Allard has the Cadillac 331 – with dual quads ๐Ÿ˜ฏ
      You can hear that Kevin (Museum Curator) -driving the Allard – is not afraid to use a little more throttle than what Dr Simeone is using in the Cunningham.
      Sorry for the poor quality, I am a video "rookie". Hope that this is enjoyable. …

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      Very cool- looks like quite a crowd too.

      Dr Simeone does seem a bit….reserved. He’s a better man than me lol.

      Thanks for sharing- video quality seemed good as well.

      Can’t wait for spring.

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      quote chrisd:

      Yeah… and I agree 100% on the V-8…..nothing sounds better imo.

      I’ve been sayin’ [for maybe close to 40 years ๐Ÿ˜ฏ ] that the only thing that sounds better than a car with a V8 and dual exhausts is a boat with TWO V8s :mrgreen:

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      I also shot a video of the MkIV runing at a Demonstration Day a few years back. I am pretty sure that Kevin was doing the driving – hey, someone has to do it ๐Ÿ™„

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