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      If you haven’t read it yet and want some cultural info and a great Rootes(Hillman) story, read the following. A TE/AE member told me about it. I read it ,lost it, and just ordered another one. Barnes&Nobles has new and used ones for as little as $1.99used, $21.95 new. You’ll enjoy it!

      Prince Borghese’s Trail: 10,000 Miles over Two Continents, Four Deserts and the Roof of the World in the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge
      Genevieve Obert

      Other great reading is: The Rootes brothers, by John Bullock.
      I particularly like the scene of flying over the Persian Gulf and the plane has to offload some luggage. Very informative and entertaining.

      Burt Levy’s are always interesting reading. Certainly, after I met him, as the guest speaker once at the S.O.S. in Birmingham AL.

      Anybody knows any other ones?

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